The Impossible Gentlemen


Internationally Recognised Aliens

Released September 2013


The Band

Mike Walker - Guitars

Gwilym Simcock - Piano

Steve Rodby and Steve Swallow - bass

Adam Nussbaum - drums


"They ooze musical authority" The Arts Desk


"as perfect an example of the balance between team and individuals as I can remember hearing". The Jazz Breakfast


"this league of extraordinary gentlemen is a more balanced act, a conversation of equals that has deepened over time despite the varying ages of its members" The Irish Times 4 stars


"one of the best combos on the planet" Toledo Blade USA


"a four way marriage made in heaven" The Jazz Breakfast


"The upper echelon of the jazz world is a place of constantly shifting alliances. But even by those standards, the Impossible Gentlemen is a rare and fabulous group of talents" The Times


"this is one that shouldn't be missed" Jazz Journal 5 stars


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Mike Walker 'Madhouse and the Whole Thing There' CD coverThe Impossible Gentlemen

Released June 2011


The Band

Mike Walker - Guitars

Gwilym Simcock - Piano and melodica

Steve Swallow - electric bass

Adam Nussbaum - drums


"Packing more into eight tracks than many could manage in that number of albums ...it’s simply outstanding" 5 STARS ***** BBC Music Magazine


"This shimmering jewel of style and substance is jazz at its most exalted, and simply has to be heard. Here's a crude and approximate map reference, but one that gets close to the buried treasure. Imagine guitarist Pat Metheny's trio masterpiece, Day Trip (Nonesuch, 2007), add a pianist of commensurate genius, and you are banging on the disc's front door. It is that good" - Chris May, All About Jazz, May 30th 2011


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Mike Walker Solo


Mike Walker 'Madhouse and the Whole Thing There' CD coverMadhouse and the Whole Thing There

Released April 2008


The Band

Mike Walker - Guitars

Iain Dixon - Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Clarinets
Myke Wilson - Drums

John Ellis - Fender Rhodes, Organ

Sylvan Richardson - Bass Guitar


The Vocals

Djamila Skoglund-Voss, Kirsty Almeida, Laura Hassell, Georgina Bromilow, Evette Walker, Paul Bentley, Caju, Mike Walker, Jack Walker


Additional Players

Djamila Skoglund-Voss - Lead Vocals (Track 1)

Nikki Iles - Acoustic Piano Solo (Track 6)

Paul Kilvington - Synths (Track 1, 4, 6)

Les 'Cizerace' Chisnall - Acoustic Piano (Track 6)

Alan Tokely - French Horn (Track 1, 4, 5)

Suzanne Higgins - Flute (Track 6)

John Helliwell - Melodica (Track 1)

Chris Manis - Conga, Pandeiro, Percussion (Track 1, 3, 6)

Caju - Percussion (Track 1)

En Hudson - Harp (Track 1)

Mark Heart - Voice (Track 2)

Paul Newton - Trumpet (Track 2, 6)

Neil Yates - Trumpet (Track 2, 6)

Andy Schofield - Alto Sax (Track 2, 6)

Madhouse Strings (Track 1)


"Mike Walker is one of the most powerful jazz guitarists in Europe ... This is his first album under his own name but, far from sounding like an insular personal journey, this debut is a soaringly confident piece of idiosyncratic contemporary fusion." - John Fordham, The Guardian May 23rd 2008


"... seldom can there have been a more impressive debut in British Jazz than this. Walker has an imagination of enormous sweep but also the skill and taste to realise his vision." - Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise Magazine July 2008


You can get a digital download of 'Madhouse and the Whole Thing There' from Bandcamp (£4.99).


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With George Russell and the Living Time Orchestra


George Russell '80th Birthday Concert' CD cover80th Birthday Concert



Brad Hatfield - Keyboards
Steve Lodder - Keyboards
Mike Walker - Guitar
Bill Urmson - Fender Bass
Billy Ward - Drums
Pat Hollenbeck - Percussion
Stanton Davis - Trumpet
Tiger Okoshi - Trumpet
Stuart Brooks - Trumpet
Andy Sheppard - Tenor/Soprano Saxophone
Chris Biscoe - Alto Saxophone
Pete Hurt - Baritone/Bass Clarinet
Dave Bargeron - Trombone
Richard Henry - Bass Trombone


"This is a band at the peak of its potential, capable of great power, but also of great range." - Duncan Heining, Jazzwise, August, 2003


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George Russell 'It's About Time' CD coverIt's About Time







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With Vibration Music Society


Primo CD coverPrimo



Eryl Roberts – drums
Andy Schofield – alto saxophone
Mike Walker – guitar
John Ellis – organ, keyboards

Gary Cullshaw - Bass

Wayne Clarke


"Eryl’s group adopts a pulsating new nomenclature for his highly personal, mixed repertoire of originals, songs, film themes and driving, funky grooves, played by a throbbing ensemble of Manchester’s outstanding musicians – join the club…" - Manchester Jazz Festival, 2007


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With Framework


Framework CD coverLovers and Others



Cassidy M Shipley – Vocals, Guitar and Piano
Dan Owens - Bass and Vocals
Helle Singsaas - The Angel's Voice
Mike JS Walker - Lead Guitar (Electric and Acoustic), Vocals

Karl Penney - Drums and Percussion

Womb - Programming the madness, Minimoog

Iain Dixon - Woodwind and Piano

Na Morley - Trumpet

Jakob 'da bear' Anthoff - Rap

Katie Sunderalingham - Piano


"Framework combine the beautiful with the absurd to create something odd yet strangely attractive. This quartet, formed from all corners of the globe, bring together influences from Jefferson Airplane to Squarepusher, from Willie Nelson to Vaughn-Williams to make music which soars." - Framework MySpace


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With John Helliwell


Creme Anglaise CD coverCreme Anglaise



John Helliwell - Saxophone

Mark Hart - Vocals, guitar and keyboards
Mike Walker - guitar

Geth Griffith - Double bass and bass guitar

Arthur Lea - Piano

Ben Bryant - Drums


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With Anthony Braxton and the Creative Jazz Orchestra


Anothony Braxton 'Composition No. 175 / No. 126' CD coverComposition No. 175 / No. 126



Personnel: Mark White & Richard Iles: trumpet; Chris Bridges: trombone; Robin Hayward: tuba; Iain Dixon, Jim Hunt & Andy Schofield: reeds; Susanna Gibbon & Steve Wilkie: violin; Sara Swain: viola; Andrew Wardle: cello; Jackie Perkins, Lesley Davies, Paul Phoenix & Paul McNamara: voice; Phillippa Tunnell: harp; Mike Walker: guitar; Roy Powell: keyboards; Nikki Iles: piano; Gary Culshaw: bass; Eryl Roberts: drums; Liz Gulliver: tuned percussion; Anthony Braxton: conductor; Nick Purnell: artistic director.


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With Stevie Williams


Stevie Williams '4am' CD cover4 am



Musicians: Andy Kingslow, Pat Illingworth, Iain Dixon, Steve Gilbert, Pete Simpson, Simon Willescroft, Graeme Flowers, Mark Creswell, Mike Walker, Johnny Heyes, Stuart McCallum, John Ellis, Paul Kilvington, Eryl Roberts, Paul Bentley, Doreen Edwards, John McCallum.


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Stevie Williams 'Lo-Fi' CD coverLo-Fi



Stevie Williams - fretted/fretless bass; tenor bass; synth. bass
Mike Walker - guitar
Paul Kilvington - Wurlitzer piano
Steve Gilbert - drums
Paul Bentley - vocals
Simon Willescroft - sax (Softly & Lo-Fi)
Fyza - vocals (Ain't no sunshine)
Iain Dixon - plastic '74 flute (Lo-Fi)


Stevie Williams 'Skyward Bound' CD coverSkyward Bound



Steve Williams - bass & tenor bass
Paul Kilvington - keyboards
Mike Walker - guitar
Steve Gilbert - drums



With Phil Bancroft


Phil Bancroft 'Headlong' CD coverHeadlong



Phil Bancroft - saxophone

Thomas Strønen - drums

Steve Watts - bass

Mike Walker - guitar


"Guitarist Mike Walker is a sweetly melodic presence much of the time, though his occasional use of distortion brings out a distinctly feral, rockist edge to his playing" - Peter Marsh, BBC Jazz Review, September 2004


"A guitar genius from England" - Scottish Arts Council


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With Steve Berry


Steve Berry 'In An Ideal World : live at Manchester Jazz Festival' CD coverIn An Ideal World : live at Manchester Jazz Festival



Steve Berry - bass
Les Chisnall - piano
Andy Schofield - saxophones
Mike Walker - guitar
Dave Walsh - drums


With The Tony Faulkner Jazz Orchestra


Tony Faulkner Jazz Orchestra 'Thad Jones and the Ellington Effect' CD coverThad Jones and the Ellington Effect



Musicians: Andy Schofield (ss/as/clt), Tim France (as/flt), Russell van den Berg (ss/ts), Suzanne Higgins (ts/clt), Tony Harper (bs/bs.clt); Bryan Davis, Ryan Quigley, Rob Robson, Henry Lowther, Graham Hardy or Richard Iles (trumpets); Mike Carton, Rick taylor, John Kenny or Andy Hillier (trombones); Sarah Williams (bass trombone); Mike Walker (guitar), Graham Hearn (piano), Dave markee (bass) and Peter Fairclough (drums).


With Julian Argüelles


Julian Arguelles 'As Above, So Below' CD coverAs Above, So Below



Julian Argüelles - tenor/soprano
Stan Sulzmann - flute/alto flute
Ian Dixon - clarinet/bass clarinet
Henry Lowther - trumpet flugel horn
Jim Rattigan - french horn
Mike Walker - electric, acoustic guitars
Steve Watts - double bass
Martin France - drums


"... Then, the jazzers enter, Mike Walker's guitar gently plucked like a harp as Arguelles darts above the billowing string arrangements" - Martin Longley, BBC Jazz Review, March 2004


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Julian Arguelles 'Escapade' CD coverEscapade



Julian Argüelles - tenor/soprano
Django Bates - tenor horn
Ian Dixon - bass clarinet, tenor sax
Mark Bassey - trombone
Mario Laginha - piano
Mike Walker - electric, acoustic guitars
Steve Watts - double bass
Martin France - drums


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Julian Arguelles 'Skull View' CD coverSkull View



Julian Argüelles - tenor/soprano
Django Bates - tenor horn
Ian Dixon - bass clarinet, tenor sax
Mark Bassey - trombone
Mario Laginha - piano
Mike Walker - electric, acoustic guitars
Steve Watts - double bass
Martin France - drums


"... Skull View ranks as one of internationally renowned tenor saxophonist Julian Arguelles' finest moments ... Django Bates' opening solo on wah wah peck horn is enhanced by the wailing of Mike Walker's guitar" - Jazz CD of the year 1997, Independent on Sunday


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Julian Arguelles 'Home Truths' CD coverHome Truths



Julian Argüelles - Tenor & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Mike Walker - guitar
Steve Swallow - electric bass
Martin France - drums


"Superbly burbling saxophone. A true star" - CD of the year 1995. Phil Johnson, Independent on Sunday


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With Roy Powell


Roy Powell is an excellent Olso based piano player.


Roy Powell 'North by Nothwest' CD coverNorth by Northwest



"In Walker there is absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of a musician of the highest international level - we are talking about a guitarist taking inspiration from rock whilst simultaneously having much in common with Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin and John Scofield."


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Roy Powell 'Big Sky' CD cover

A Big Sky







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With Richard Iles


Richard Iles 'From Here to There' CD cover

From Here to There



Richard Iles - flugel horn
Mike Walker - guitar
Iain Dixon - saxophones/clarinet/bass clarinet
Andy Schofield - saxophones
Nikki Iles - piano/keyboards
Les Chisnall - piano
Gary Culshaw - bass
Eryl Roberts - drums
Steve Gilbert - drums

Other musicians include Tim France, Suzanne Higgins, Norman Brown, Georgina Bromilow, Duncan Winfield, Alistair White, Malcolm Melling, Craig Wild, Jamie Coleman, Andy Wood, Tony Faulkner, Mark Frost.


With Peter Fairclough


Peter Fairclough 'Permission' CD coverPermission



Peter Fairclough - Drums

Tim Whitehead - Tenor Saxophone

Mike Walker - Guitar

Dudley Phillips - Electric Bass


"The superb handling of the quartet's half-acoustic (drums, saxophone), half-electric (guitar, bass) sonorities, the inventive textures Fairclough conjures from his kit, not to mention the appeal of the compositions, mark this out as a contender for the British jazz album of the year" - Q Magazine, March 1997


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With Steve Plews


Steve Plews 'Extracts form Infinity' CD coverExtracts From Infinity



Featuring Performances by: Mike Walker, Steve Berry, Iain Dixon, Jeff Clyne, Trevor Tomkins, Peter Fairclough, Duncan MacKay, Roger Heatonn Stephen Pruslin, Stuart Death, Andrew Long, Ed Jones, Phil Clarke, David Jones


Buy 'Extracts from Infinity'' from Divine-art.com


Steve Plews Ensemble 'Anywhere' CD coverAnywhere
Steve Plews Ensemble



Steve Plews - piano

Mike Walker - guitar
Jeff Clyne - bass
Trevor Tomkins - drums


"Pianist Steve Plews's ASC Records does a crucial job in disseminating British jazz, and his own quartet album is well up to standard. What elevates it a notch higher is the playing of guitarist Mike Walker, voted best musician at the Glasgow Jazz Festival in 1995, but still heard too infrequently on disc. His touch and originality shine out in an already impressive group, playing the pianist's evocative compositions." - Kenny Mathieson, The Scotsman


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With the Mike Gibbs Orchestra


Mike Gibbs Orchestra 'By The Way' CD coverBy The Way



Mike Gibbs - conductor, arranger

Iain Ballamy - saxophones

Julian Arguelles - saxophones, flute

Iain Dixon - saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute

Charlie Mariano - alto saxophone

Evan Parker - tenor saxophone

John Barclay, Kenny Wheeler, Richard Iles, Steve Sidwell - trumpets

Pete Beachill - trombone

David Stewart - bass trombone

John Rooke, Jim Rattigan, Cormac Ohaodain, Andrew Clark - French horns

Oren Marshall - tuba

John Taylor, Nikki Iles - piano

Mike Walker, John Parracelli - guitars

Steve Swallow - bass guitar

Bob Moses, John Marshall - (drums

Simone Haggiag - percussion


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With the London Trombone Quartet


London Trombone Quartet 'Some Of Our Best Friends' CD coverSome Of Our Best Friends



Pete Beachill - trombone/valve trombone
Richard Edwards - trombone/bass trombone
Mark Nightingale - trombone
Dave Stewart - bass trombone


Featured musicians include Mike Walker, Stan Sulzmann, Ian Thomas, Frank Ricotti, Derek Watkins, Gerald Presencer, Julian Arguelles, Dave O'Higgins, Chris Laurence, Henry Lowther, John Horler, Andy Macintosh


With Tommy Smith / Sylvan Richardson (and Jason Rebello)


Tommy Smith / Sylvan Richardson 'Pyrotechnics' CD coverPyrotechnics

Jazz compilation of various artists from Blue Note UK



Sylvan Richardson jr. - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Nicki Iles - Piano/Keyboards
Mike Walker - Guitar
Caroline Boaden - Drums
Jullian Arguelles - Saxophones
Simon Limbrick - Tabla/Percussion


With Nick Purnell (and Peter Erskine, John Taylor)


Nick Purnell 'Onetwothree' CD coverOnetwothree



Nick Purnell

Dave Adams

Julian Arguelles

Django Bates

Laurence Cottle

Paul Edmonds

Peter Erskine

Mike Gibbs

Mick Hutton

Ashley Slater

Ken Stubbs

John Taylor

Mike Walker

Kenny Wheeler